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T 01455 283043

Broughton Road
Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire
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Stanton Lakes



Coarse and Fly Fishing at one of Leicestershire's finest lakes

The Stanton Lakes fishery consists of 2 lakes; a larger specimen lake and a smaller nursery lake.

Both lakes are well stocked with the larger fish being found in the specimen lake but there are some big fish in the smaller lake (up to 12lbs).     

Rules are simple but strict.  A valid fishing license must be shown on ticket purchase. Unhooking mats must be used on both lakes.

The Carp fishing can be hectic at times with most baits catching fish, so don't be afraid of putting a bit in because these fish can eat! The pike feed well in all conditions with sea and course dead baits working well.

Day Tickets - £7 for 2 rods

24 Hour Tickets - £20 for 2 rods.

Extra Rods - £3 each (3 rods max).

For the latest updates on fishing activies, please visit the Stanton Lakes Fishery Facebook page

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